Black Friday Sale - The Urban Style

I love to look for unique pieces in vintage shops, but when it comes to the best cities, my favourites are the clothing stores in London, New York, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. 

Jeans are a very important wardrobe and you will probably have several pairs in the wardrobe. I'll also go for a pair of black wide jeans or leggings with most of the items in my wardrobe. But I prefer comfortable cargo or tactical pants with a bit of stretch and lots of legroom.

Singer Pink, who recently turned 40, loves urban fashion because it adds more rock-chic touches. Gwen Stefani may be one of the world's most popular pop stars, but she's also a major urban wear icon. 

It's also when you see Amal Clooney, whose style is more Euro-chic, donning ripped jeans and a denim jacket over them. The jacket and denim pants are a nod to her love of jeans, but also to her husband George's urban style. 

While clothing stores that are chained to a particular clothing collection are not mentioned, their chains have gone through ups and downs over the years. The selection is widespread, and the door-to-door shops are rampant in many cities, but also more common and expensive. 

Beyonce launched her urban clothing line in 2011, and she launched it with her first collection, Beyonce Urban, a collection of clothing and accessories for women. 

The hip-hop fashion trends of the 2000s were everywhere and constantly changing, starting with the ballerina-type image. Emerging urban clothing lines dominated hip-hop fashion, and by the turn of the century established luxury brands were entering the hip-hop market, appearing in hip-hop videos and films.

In the late 1980s, inspired by the heavy gold chains worn by his elevator riders, Isaac Mizrahi showed collections heavily influenced by hip-hop fashion. Michael Jordan's Sports Illustrated cover is an iconic moment in hip-hop fashion, as his basketball game and style have influenced millions of people. In the early 1990s, Chanel showed a series of collections in which models wore name tags - inspired belts and fur trim. At several shows, Chanel's hip-hop-inspired fashion was on display, including the "hip-hop" logo on the back of the jacket. 

Mafioso influence, especially inspired by the 1983 remake of Scarface, became popular in hip-hop. 

Gucci and Louis Vuitton became extremely popular, and many rappers put gang-inspired clothing aside. While most of the influence came from hip-hop artists, other prominent influences on fashion trends such as Michael Kors were also noted. 

This year, the shape - matching jeans - was popular again, but this time in a more casual style, such as jeans with a hoodie. 

The new styles popularized by artist and producer Pharrell were also popular, such as hoodie-style hoodies and a black - and - white T-shirt with a black jacket. 

Hip-hop fashion of the 1990s developed as the hip-hop community began to be influenced by traditional African-American clothing. Bright colours, large trousers and headgear were elements that inspired the early 1990s style of clothing, such as Will Smith's black - and white - T-shirt with black jacket and black trousers. The new styles of black and white T-shirts and hoodies have become popular because they promote a sense of humor as well as a positive attitude towards race, gender and sexuality. 

The phenomenon of urban wear consists of parts worn in different ways, and characters are always seen in different styles, such as black and white T-shirts, hoodies and black pants. 

For the youth of the overpopulated cities, this kind of style is part of the subculture of hip-hop and rap music. When you look at the stars of hip hop music, the fans want to do their best, whether they are dressed in black, white, red, blue, green, yellow or any other color, and they wear that. The hip-hop industry is working with the fashion industry to bring urban culture outside, which includes everything from military-printed cargo pants and black T-shirts to black-and-white hoodies and bomber or camouflage and distressed jackets. 

Young people live in urban cities and do not have to follow a high dress code, but create their own style. Trends in urban clothing are usually associated with music and culture in certain urban areas. But, looking at the changing trends in the various parts of the country, the clothing ideas of urban youth are taking on new forms.