Camouflage - A Timeless Trend

You may have a new bomber jacket that you can wear this fall, but in wide opinion a camouflage jacket is a must have. 

This is not just a novelty, it is simply a staple that you can wear to the streets or out on a hike, camping, or basically anywhere apart from formal events, weddings, black tie affairs or proms - it fits the bill of being trendy, timeless and bold, with a military flair that might even come in practical.

If you are looking for this product and planning an outing on the town or in nature, then the sports jacket or winter coat style is perfect in the colder parts of the year. Whether it's a country-style event or something more chic, you can hope to impress your guests with the outfitting. This is simply the perfect way to go to the next outing as something that makes a bold statement. We hope you will check out some of the great products we will offer online or reach out to us to learn more about the concepts and ideas we offer you with our unique selection. 

Elite Outerwear prides itself on giving you an informed choice when you buy, so you can buy with confidence every time. All our purchases are rated with referrals and frequented by former customers. 

Joe Murray, CEO of DeCamo Sports Jackets, says he keeps getting people asking where they can buy a jacket when they're in town. Joe received an influx of orders after attending a music event in the South in August, and in December we had guests interested in camouflage for casual outings and utility purposes. He is amazed at the number of people who walk past him and tell him how unique the camo sports coat is for men and he is amazed at how many people like it. 

If you want an oversized jacket this fall, this year our autumn styles are the new camo trend and even have an optional retractable hood. What could be better in autumn than a comfortable, oversized top, right? Our long camo jacket has an oversized hood that keeps you warm in cold temperatures. 

Our bomber jackets can have ruffled shoulders for a special touch and an edgy staple, but it's still a great way to add a splash of colour to a neutral outfit. You can pair these jackets with black ripped jeans and combat boots to get an even more hardcore look. Although camouflage may be a basic part of every outfit, it can also be combined with neutrals. It's more of a spartan style, but still great for adding a splash of colour to neutral outfits.

This drawstring parka is a great length to layer up for autumn, but be sure to choose the one that best suits your style. If you're afraid to go overboard, try our camouflage jackets, which has a subtle patch like the Zara bombers. 

In addition to men's style, we also have a jacket for women that really lends flair to your personality. This includes hidden weapon pockets, concealed carry bags, zippered front and rear pockets. We are proud of this jacket because the quality is guaranteed.

It's a simple accessory that can be tossed over the shoulders and waist without getting too tangled up in the look. Pretty much everything you wear, whether you wear knee-high boots or just walk around for a day whether it's in rural or formal clothes, will continue to be trendy in this style. Whether country themed or formal, we believe the camo style is a timeless staple that will be a hit with everyone who sees it. Available in many sizes, camouflage is suitable for both urban wear and casual gatherings and has a wide variety of colours and styles, including black, white, green, blue, yellow, orange and red.